Have you ever wondered who am I and what was I thinking when I pressed the “publish” button of my first article? Wanna know a secret? You are not the only one who was wondering about that.

But (even though we, well educated women, don’t ever start a sentence with but) if you want to follow me on my journey, you will get the answers later on. Only after me.

I can answer your basic questions now, for which I easily found everything on my birth certificate, because these were the only facts I knew for sure.

My name is Barbara-Bianca Bold and guess what? I was the teacher’s favourite example for alliteration. I’m 19 and I am a fashion journalism student because surprisingly I love fashion and I’m really into this writing thing. It was the perfect combination for me, exactly how the pumpkin spice and the latte was the perfect combination for all the Starbucks lovers out there.

I have started writing after someone asked me to write an article for my school’s webpage and then everyone went crazy and begged me to write more articles. Ok, that’s not 100% true. It wasn’t everyone who begged me, and they were not exactly begging. Anyway, I went on with this so-called writing and I found myself loving it, especially for the positive feedback that I was given.


 So here I am, ready to conquer the fashion world with my harsh and also shady style. At least you won’t need sunglasses when you will read my articles.

Uh-oh, I almost forgot. I’m from Romania and I’m Hungarian, but all the same, I speak fluent sarcasm.

So if you think that I’m gonna be a good partner for you on this journey and you also drink Sauvignon blanc from the bottle on a Saturday night while watching the most mindfuck YouTube videos, as I do, this is your perfect place.

!WARNING! I am not your average blogger. I can go from fashion to hangover tips in 5 seconds.

Beware and be aware,