5 Romanian brands I want to tell everyone about: part I

I’m what some people call a „mixed culture kid”. I’m half Romanian, half Hungarian, and now I live in a country where I can’t really speak any of these languages. I’ve been exposed to a large variety of aesthetics over the course of my life as a result, and all of it has fuelled my curiosity around how clothing, personal style and culture intersect. Although the high-fashion sensibility in Romania is mostly chalked up by outsider brands like Michael Kors, Balenciaga or Tommy Hilfiger, the country has its own history, traditions and aesthetics. Normally, the fashion that comes out of the country’s different areas mirrors unique cultural personalities.

The reason I choose to introduce 10 Romanian brands, is because I believe in their ability to truly represent the country’s traditions through their designs. It’s important to me that a Romanian designer is just as relatable and desirable to a European woman as the French, Italian or British brands she may be more familiar with.

Seen Users

Who: SEEN represents the connection between the streetwear culture and individuals moods. The purpose of our brand is to reinterpret the commercial dimensions of clothing.

From the website: „We understand the ambiguity, the duality and the power of the moment. But in the end are just clothes and we hope you give them that power.”

Why I’m into this brand: I love the colours, the shapes and the general happiness that the brand exudes. Even though every item looks like a piece of art from a contemporary museum, the clothes are easy to wear and to integrate into every wardrobe.

ATU Body Couture

Who: ATU Body Couture is a Romanian fashion brand launched by Lacramioara Ilie in 2011. ATU Body Couture explores women’s world with its aesthetic manifestations reflected in two seasonal collections Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. 

From the website: „The advantage of having your own universe, completed by femininity and exuberance is the most important argument for happiness. ATU – An element which in some circumstances provides someone with an advantage or an extra chance.”

Why I’m into this brand: The unique silhouettes married with artisanal textiles look like wearable sculptures- this kind of aesthetic very much speaks to me.


Who: Murmur is a womenswear label highlighted by its bold and ultra-feminine silhouettes, inspired by vintage lingerie. Before launching the brand in 2011, designer Andreea Badala studied Pattern Technology at London College of Fashion and gained valuable work experience at Alexander McQueen menswear and Richard Nicoll.

From the website: „Behind the components of a Murmur piece stands incredible technique: handcrafted bra cups, strapping of bondage aesthetic and complex detailing. The Murmur items are suitable both for one of a kind evening encounters and day-to-day forget-me-nots. Besides the seasonal collections, the brand has developed three lines, each with its own personality and place in a modern woman’s life. Essentials is a timeless line that preserves the Murmur DNA in basic garments with a killer instinct. Designed for elegance, the Signature Line brings together the most iconic Murmur pieces, all masterfully handcrafted in the brand’s atelier. Inspired by the late-night games of lovers, the Roleplay Line caters to those who love to fantasize and dare to try.”

Why I’m into this brand: Her take on lingerie design is unlike anyone I’ve seen in the region or even globally. Exuding sexiness, the feminine silhouettes are extremely fresh, desirable and wearable without being vulgar. Murmur merged classic sexiness with modest parameters, creating timeless pieces that should be found in every woman’s wardrobe.

Andra Andreescu

Who: Rooted and raised in Romania, living in a silkie personality and emanating glimpses of naked sensuality in each and every piece created.

A reason preferring not to be chained by a traditional seasonal collection release, but having the freedom to create individual items touched by individual inspiration.


So don’t expect cadence, expect naked inspiration.

Piece by piece, moment by moment…”

Why I’m into this brand: The masculine silhouettes and textiles become extremely feminine and desirable in her designs. Leather crop tops, structured dresses and fitted blazers are the staples of her collections that exude minimalism and power- everything a modern woman needs.

Cristina Savulescu

Who: Cristina Savulescu is a self-trained Romanian fashion designer. From an early age, she has loved painting, and through learning how to draw the human figure, she developed a deep understanding of the structure and the proportions of the female body. Cristina launched her brand in March 2013, at the age of 23.

From the website: „Working from the beginning with the finest and most innovative fabrics, Cristina’s mission is to create a luxury product by mixing the contemporary with the retro vibe. She has a personal approach to the 50s figure and glamour, and every gown holds in tension the old and the new, sensuality and mystery. Cristina likes to believe that when a woman puts on one of her gowns, she instantly turns into another character; this is her mission, to make women connect with their alter ego, to slip into another dimension of themselves, their very sensual side.”

Why I’m into this brand: Have you ever wanted to wear art but you didn’t know where to find it? With Cristina’s unique creations you’ll look like a walking piece of art escaped from a museum exhibition. Elegant, feminine and minimalist, her dresses look like sculptures and paintings made of silk and satin.

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